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BY: Avedis Seferian

Years have passed since I first met Amit Kumar. His brother was my classmate for a while in Middle School. Amit was Head Boy – which would normally mean he would be as far removed from an ordinary junior like me as possible. And yet, the distance was bridged from our very first meeting.

I cannot recall the details of the occasion, but I remember thinking, “This guy is so tall!” (you have to remember I was looking at him from my 10-year old height). Over time, that feeling of ‘Tallness’ saw a few more feelings added to it – those of respect, admiration and a genuine fondness. And these feelings grew.

I wish I had gotten to know him better, to be able to claim him as a friend, but I am still grateful for those few meetings, for they may bot have given me the right to say I knew him, but they have given me the right to say ( and perhaps with more authority than those nearer to him, for my view is slightly more objective) that Amit was a very impressive young man, and that he left an indelible mark on me.

I have no doubts that he would be very actively involved in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the school he loved so much and served so well. But God moves in mysterious ways, and He chose to take Amit from our midst. But I believe Amit is watching us, and I hope he can hear us all call out to him – “DPS misses you”.

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