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BY: Meera Kak, 1975 Batch

As I realise our school, is in its 50th year of existence, a sense of pride, fulfillment and nostalgia sweeps through my inner self. I feel happy that despite all trials and tribulations, DPS, has survived and came to occupy a place of high esteem in the educational institutions of India. Students consider it a great honour to study and pass from this illustrious institution which developed from the makeshift tents of the 50ís close to the zoo.

As I look back I remember the classes we used to have in the makeshift tents, where playing with rabbits and pigeons was a big activity for the nursery tiny tots. We used to look forward to boarding the old model buses, No. 12 and No. 13 was always under repair.) The school even then boasted of great discipline, a will to do good and make the children responsible and mature citizens of a tree India which had but recently thrown away the foreign shackles. The teachers were good and knew our names, our parents vocation, our addresses and our each and every idiosyncrasy. A loving but tight discipline was enforced which developed an Ego state to fruition making us what we are today.
Today we are respected in our professions and have come to occupy a pride of place in society. DPS is a magic name that spells instant attention, be it us or local gatherings. I feel the school has imbibed a sense of purpose in an entire and the morals and lessons have helped us not only to become good individuals ourselves but shaped the destiny of all those whom we have come in contact with. Especially our children who are following the same strict path as there is no choice if you want to excel and achieve the pinnacles of distinction and glory.

I feel young and happy reminiscing about my school days as I can still hear the sounds of my class fellows, the constant chatter and questions put upto the teacher who answered them with confidence, pride and conviction.

I feel I had the opportunity to study in the best school in Delhi and feel lucky I could do so. If I am told to relive my life all over again I would ask for DPS as my stepping stone in life, for it would take me to laurels, I richly deserve.

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