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Life at DPS – Worth a Rerun !

BY: Kunal Soni, Headboy

Three years. Almost three years since I passed out from school, but the memories of even the smallest events of my thirteen year long “experience” are as fresh as if they had occurred just yesterday. Right from day one till the farewell, school life truly was joyride, with the occasional bumbs, of course!

Believe me guys, even the things which used to be such a pain for us then and which I’m sure, are a pain for you now, make us smile and laugh whenever we think about them. Those irritating uniform checks, those P.T. exercises, and last, but not the least, those daily morning assemblies in the summer, with everyone melting away waiting to be dispersed !

I distinctly remember when we were in the sixth, there was a bomb scare ! Mrs. Duggal, who was the Headmistress, came running trying to push all of us out in the field and all of us said, “Ma’am, let us first get our bags from the class!” Of course, thankfully it was just a scare. But I remember all of us waiting in the jampacked football field waiting for the school to blow up any moment ! Even the smallest and most innocent pranks were so much fun because we all were aware that some teacher or the other always had an eye on us. Now, that I’m a Dipsite, I can share them with you, but I’m sure many teachers’ might feel I was the wrong choice for the Head Boy’s post after reading this ! Whether it was the “official” or “unofficial” bunking or collecting money for the Teachers’ day party without letting any one know, or even arguing with the authorities to allow us to celebrate Teachers’ day and the Farewell, which everyone in twelfth looks forward to from day one, everything has truly been a memorable experience. You know, there’s something very ironical about school life, which everyone realises only after leaving school. In school, everyone is dying to be free and independent, but once you enter college, some how the pranks and other ‘schoolish’ activities lose their charm because then no one really cares about what you do!

All in all, following the same daily routine, wearing the same uniform and coming to the same institution everyday for 13 long years has given me the most wonderful friends and the most memorable times and a heart full of memories to cherish forever. So, guys all I want to say to you is : -

Enjoy each and every moment of your time at DPS, because believe me, there will never be a time quite like this!

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