One chance look, one coincidence in a million and two worlds are suddenly changed forever-that of an established entrepreneur and a young collegiate, in England. A forbidden romance blossoms with passion, truth and belief in each other where age, stature and reason are of no consequence.
Covering England and India, it is a romantic and poignant story about the difficult distance between yesterday and today; between truth and reconciliation. And, about an adventurous inner journey to reach the innermost core to reclaim a lost paradise...
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                             Hindustan Times 24th July 2014
                            The Metrognome 16th Feb. 2014
                             DNA Mumbai 7th Feb. 2014
                             The Hindu 9th Jan. 2014

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    "An ageless love story inspirational, gripping, haunting."
    "An enjoyable read, for all ages."
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