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Ms Poonam Lal, Events Management Professional
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Poonam Lal is the Founder and MD of Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based events & experiential marketing agency. Poonam has her roots in Imphal, where she completed her entire education, topping, with a gold medal in English Honours.

Having moved to Delhi after college, she continued writing for publications in the north east and then worked through a slew of jobs, from an international trade fair management company, an advertising agency, to revamping India's first and largest amusement park, learning different skills along the way, that would one day come in handy for her, as an experiential marketer.

Marketing Solutions has created a reputation for itself as a niche agency, known for its conceptual design work. 15 years in this space, the agency has earned the loyalty of some of the most enviable brands like, Apple, Volvo, Panasonic, Benetton, JBL, Levi's, Godrej, OPPO, Toshiba, LG and Hero, amongst others by curating some purposeful and award-winning launches, experiences and events for them.

Poonam is a feminist and believes that women should always pursue a career, because it gives them a sense of self-worth. She is of the belief that working mothers nurture more independent and strong children, which is most truly reflected in her 3 children.

She handles We Care, the Gender Equality portfolio for the Event & Entertainment Management Association nationally and is the initiator of an IP called Be Good. She also contributes her time and skills for initiatives that resonate with her.

In her words: "I believe there is no short cut to success. We have to put in consistent work, create focused goals and evolve with time and situations to achieve success. Mediocrity should be unacceptable; and we should always strive for excellence in whatever we choose to do."

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